December 7, 2010

NVV December 2010: We Read It So You Don't Have To

The Noe Valley Voice is published ten times a year and has been a neighborhood fixture since 1977. Here are highlights from the latest issue. Links are to items we've covered here on NVSF or outside sources as the Voice doesn't post stories online until mid-month.

December 2010

Front Page: "This is the last edition you'll see until the first week of February 2011." And a pretty picture of fog.

Letters: Dismay over smoking in the parklet at Martha & Bros. (Ed.--illegal to smoke in SF parks since 2005 [pdf]); some poor soul can't figure out how to find a print copy of the Voice.

Features: Interview with Bevan Dufty on his eight years as District 8 Supervisor; City Guides has been offering Noe Valley tours since 2008 (with fun sketches of Victorian era "bric-a-brac" like sewer vent grates); Giants fans celebrated on 24th St; brief blurb on page 15 about 24 HoliDAYS on 24th St.

Cost of Living in Noe: 16 Single Family Homes sold in October, 11 of those over asking.

Short Takes: A few events in Glen Park, Scottish dancers at the Noe Valley Ministry, fun at the Randall Museum in Corona Heights, a workshop for public artists at the SF Arts Commission on Van Ness, a show at the Marsh Theater on Valencia, and Paxton Gate in the Mission turns 18. Also a bit about upcoming changes to Cesar Chavez.

Crime Beat: Turns out there were two bank robberies last month.

Store Trek: Design Quarter; Re:Construction Salon.

Traveling Voice: Not.

Rumors: Election results; Wiener sets priorities (like the Town Square and Real Foods); Town Square moves ahead (for more info the Voice suggests "googling 'Noe Valley Town Square'"); the Tech Search Party raised "just over $17,000" for Alvarado Elementary School; Delano's is closing its "Eureka Valley" location; Parklets hit 24th St; and this excellent tidbit about the Noe Valley Association:
The NVA, and the 10 members serving on its board of directors, has an annual budget of $230,000, funded by a parcel tax on each of the 179 property owners in the 24th Street/Castro Street shopping area. The board has been quite active this year improving Main Street. They steered the Pavement to Parks process that brought us the parklets. Seven new benches were installed on 24th Street. Few people realize the NVA spends $10,000 a month keeping 24th Street trash-free, maintaining the miniparks in the public parking lot and the Ministry parking lot, tending the many planters and flower baskets and trees, as well as regularly cleaning the Downtown Noe Valley sidewalks. The NVA sponsors, or co-sponsors - in addition to 24 HoliDAYS - the Harvest Festival, the Noe Courts Easter Egg Hunt, and the Summer Solstice.
[The Noe Valley Voice]


Anonymous said...

You guy(s) are pretty quick. The paper hit 24th Street just a few minutes after 6 p.m. (Good News got a batch a little after 5)and I was able to pick up my issue at the Ark.

Anonymous said...

Yeah--you just CAN'T WAIT to read the Voice, can you? Oh--and thanks for trying to spoil it for everybody else.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean, "spoil it"? Is the ending ruined for you now that you know there were 2 bank robberies? Did you want to be surprised about the parklets? Really, what was spoiled?

Anonymous said...

Where are they? I went into a couple of stores on 24th/just east of Castro this evening (around 5) to look for the NVV, and didn't see any...assumed it came out a week ago, and they're all gone...but if they were only out as of yesterday, that doesn't make sense. Anyone know when and where the papers can be found? (Yes, I know about the online version, but it takes a couple of weeks to get it posted)

Anonymous said...

Spoiled?? Made me go out and get my hard copy. They were all over today. You most always can find one at Good News, a stack at the Ark, Just for Fun, or almost any of the coffee houses. Martha's had a big stack this morning.

Anonymous said...

I mean .... spoil it with your bad attitude...

Anonymous said...

The parklet in front of Martha's is ridiculous and dangerous. When I park next to the parklet to run in real fast and get a cup of coffee, I have to walk around the parklet - in the middle of the road - to get to Martha's.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:42 -- I don't get it. Are you saying the parklet makes it more dangerous to double park or more dangerous to jaywalk from the free parking across the street?

Anonymous said...

Well, I meant to just park next to the parklet, not across the street, for when I am just running in for a coffee but the free spot across the street is taken.

Anonymous said...

Hey nut bag: you shouldn't park NEXT to the parklet! that's called double parking and it's illegal and selfish to think it's ok.

Get real. park real or get a ticket.

Anonymous said...

hey dense-double-parker...the lot across the street allows you 10 minutes to go to Martha's in any non-reserved space...not just the space with the "Martha" sign in front of it. Double parking on
24th St. is NOT cool!

murphstahoe said...

The trolls must be getting real bored around here. The (many) people who actually double park around here aren't blind to the fact that it annoys everyone else.

It's unfortunate the rain has dampened the parklet usage a bit, but I see people in them when it's dry. Just for Fun was a great selection and appear to have embraced it.

Next stop on the world parklet domination tour - Ritual Roasters and farm:table

- The Soup-Nazi