September 7, 2010

Supes Race: Bill Hemenger Opening Campaign Office In Noe Valley

From the press release:
Bill Hemenger, Democratic candidate for District 8 Supervisor, will open a second campaign office in the heart of Noe Valley, at 4128 24th Street, between Castro and Diamond. This location will serve as an outreach center and information hub for the residents of Noe Valley, Diamond Heights, and Glen Park. Bill is the only candidate in the District 8 race with two campaign offices.

Bill’s new Noe Valley office will complement the campaign’s official headquarters at 2324 Market Street, between Noe and Castro, serving Duboce Triangle, Upper Market, and the Castro. Bill saw the need to reach out to the residents of Noe Valley and beyond, who often feel overlooked in supervisor elections. The opening of the second office is in response to the flood of requests for information from voters in the more residential neighborhoods of District 8.
[Official Site: Bill Hemenger for District 8]


David Talton said...

I saw his ad in the Noe Valley Voice as well - and it is nice to finally see a candidate really care about Noe Valley - even though he is not part of the political elite here. I am especially enthused about the fact that he is the only one running who isn't a polititian or a lawyer. I think it is time we start finding and voting for people like Mr. Hemenger who have a brain and use it unlike most politicians today who just blow with the wind in the direction of their latest contribution or endorsement. We need people like this in all levels of government - starting here, then Sacramento and Washingtion.

Anonymous said...

Hemenger has come out in support of Prop 23, which is one of the biggest propositions on the ballot and will probably poll in the low teens in Noe Valley. Even Queen Meg said she would vote against it.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering why do we care what candidates think of propositions that will be already voted on when the election is over? I care more about what they will do once in office NOT hypotheticals.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess they do say that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

What's amusing is what a politician says they will do is hypothetical - whereas what they have already done is measureable.

Anonymous said...

If Hemenger is supporting Prop23, he's misguided (civil discourse). And, whether or not "Queen Meg" said she wouldn't vote for Prop 23, she said she would suspend AB32 herself. (Maybe she just wasn't committing to actually vote . . . ;)