March 20, 2022

This Week in Noe Valley: La Ciccia Sold, Ardiana Closing, Ukraine Hits Home

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[Photo: Sunrise via sanfranciscoist]


Anonymous said...

Speaking of standing with Ukraine. Bad timing to open a new Russian restaurant. Even worse when you don't see any sign of the owners making a statement that they "Stand with Ukraine" or at least "Stand for Peace." (There is a tiny "I stand with Ukraine" sticker on the kitchen window but it looks like it was placed there by a bypasser, not by the management.)

Well, there is an expression "Either you're with us or against us." It looks like the Russian-born owner has made her choice. Which leads to another now-familiar expression, except instead of starting with "Russian warship,..." it starts with "Russian restaurant ...".

Anonymous said...

Follow their Instagram account. They have decisively denounced Russia's actions and are raising money for Doctors Without Borders in Ukraine.