April 1, 2016

Crime Beat: The BAR On Dolores Robbed At Gunpoint TWICE This Week

On Sunday at approximately 10:45pm two gunman entered The BAR at 1600 Dolores St and made off with about $3000 in cash from the register and a safe on site. SF Bay reports one patron was injured:
About a dozen patrons were in the bar when the pair entered. One man was assaulted when he tried to reach for one of the suspect’s weapons, a patron who was at the bar at the time of the robbery told SFBay. The man was treated on scene for a wound on his head by responding paramedics.
Today's police blotter from the Ingleside Station provides a few more details:
A group of customers celebrating Easter at a local bar were interrupted by a robbery. The victims told Ingleside Officers Zhao and Shih that two suspects, with handguns, walked into the bar and announced, “Where is the money?” One of the patrons, sitting near the entrance, grabbed one of the suspect’s arms and wrestled him and his weapon to the floor suffering a laceration to his head. The other suspect retrieved bank bags of money, plus cash in the register, before both men fled out the door and west on Dolores Street. The patron involved in the struggle was transported to Kaiser Hospital for treatment of his injuries.
Then on Thursday night at about 11:15pm three young men in ski masks hit the same bar with the same tactics. Police haven't said if they think it's the same group. More from SF Bay:
Police would not confirm the amount stolen Thursday, though money was taken from both the register and a tip jar, according to [SFPD spokesman] Andraychak.

Police are seeking surveillance footage from nearby homes or businesses that may help identify the suspects. Anyone with information about the incident can contact San Francisco police at (415) 575-4444. Tips can also be sent by text to TIP411, using SFPD at the beginning of the message.
In both incidents, suspects fled on foot. Police are asking for neighbors to check the footage of any camera pointed at the street. SF Bay adds: "anyone with information about the incident can contact San Francisco police at (415) 575-4444. Tips can also be sent by text to TIP411, using SFPD at the beginning of the message."

The BAR - on Dolores changed hands last summer. It became Dolores Corner in 2012 when O'Greenberg's closed after 36 years. It is the only bar on Dolores St.

[SF BAY: Gunmen rob Noe Valley bar twice in one week]
[Photo: Google Street View]


Anonymous said...

"Police are asking neighbors to check footage of any camera pointed at the street." That is not true. We are immediate neighbors of the bar and the police have not told us anything nor have they come by to see if we might have useful information. The first we heard about either incident was from bar employees today. The Bar is going to close early for a week as they cannot be sure this won't happen again.

Noe Valley, SF said...

To be fair, asking for any video in a presser qualifies as asking neighbors for their assistance. It takes time to conduct door-to-door investigations and there are all sort of other things the SFPD may be working on (in this case and beyond).

But the important question is: do you have surveillance video that could help SFPD solve the case? Please contact the SFPD if so.

Anonymous said...

It has been five days since the first incident.... Very hard for me to believe that it takes the police that long to knock on the doors of the immediate neighbors. We just learned of both incidents today. It is 930 on a Friday night and the bar is now closed. The employees are not getting paid and I am sure they are not thrilled about the prospect of coming back to work. Sad situation.

Anonymous said...

i live across the street and just in on 29th from this bar and i only learned of these armed robberies from your blog. no police notification. no knock on the door. and none of the 3 neighbors (along 29th) I've told since reading this knew about these crimes either. one reports she was likely walking her dog late one of the nights in question (most of my neighbors use the dolores median as a dog walk). another mentioned that several months ago we had a daytime mugging on 29th and san jose (again no heads up from the police but an isolated event?). we've had a rash of what in NYC would be "broken windows" crimes - car break-ins, loud drunks drinking and yelling on stairs of buildings that they don't live in while people are trying to sleep, sidewalk and doorway camping, a block long garbage can tipping event, and squatters in both a renovation and an empty garage. this is just the kind of escalation that happens when more minor offenses go unenforced and there is no local police presence.
I disagree that a presser "qualifies as asking" for assistance as none of us got the presser. i personally don't use nextdoor and am not an active social media user. I check my neighborhood blogs like i read the NYTimes, on Sundays.
not sure how much of this is related to income inequality vs. prisoner release programs vs. other offenses now being only misdemeanors, but our street feels different.

Anonymous said...

I have read several articles about the real uptick in some types of crime in SF and it is worth considering whether there is a direct relationship in what we are seeing and this recent legislation that we passed in Prop 47 and the police response to it.


Anonymous said...

Several weeks ago I reported to SFPD about a group of individuals in a car where weapons (guns) were present. I don't know what the persons were up to but I waited down the street for almost 30 minutes and no officers showed up. I'm not really sure what the SFPD spends it's time on in this city but they are never quick to respond. Nor seem to be interested in serving and protecting.

DAK said...

Sorry, folks, but that's it for me and O'Greenberg's or whatever they call it now.

Anonymous said...

I doubt they would do this n a wednesday night, dart league is in effect and there's always an extra 10-15 folks. If I saw a patron struggling with a robber, I would certainly run over and put that robber in a sleeper hold, so when he woke up he'd be staring at the cops... perhaps...

Anonymous said...

3rd armed robbery in 2 weeks. Thanks you Prop 47 voters!
The lasted victim sounds like Bernal Heights Pizza:

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

10:10pm Unit Blk 30th Street Robbery
A restaurant worker, standing outside the business, was approached by two men holding handguns and wearing bandanas over their faces. The pair forced the restaurant worker inside and confronted the manager and other workers asking for money. The victims told Ingleside Officers Dilag and Aiello that the pair picked up the night’s receipts from the counter and cash register before running away southbound on San Jose Avenue. Report
Number: 160288235

Anonymous said...

suspects caught


Anonymous said...

It does seem very odd indeed that that particular location was robbed not once, but twice. Having lived in the neighborhood for 40 years, this is the first incident I have heard of. I knew the bar when it was Greenbergs and cannot recall hearing of a robbery in the last 25 years. How strange that it should happen now...