March 17, 2016

Moving: See Jane Run

Well this is too bad: Another genuinely useful local store is apparently being priced out of its space. Early this week the signs appeared in See Jane Run’s windows at 3910 24th Street that they had lost their lease. Chatting up the staff there, it seems SJR didn’t lose its lease so much as the owners decided not to renew the lease at the new (in the staff's words) “greedy landlord” prices. The woman-owned and operated San Francisco company was founded in 2000 and is actively looking for a new space for a local store – hopefully in Noe Valley – and there’s currently no set date for closing. We have to think the pending construction next door may also have been a factor in SJR's decision to look around.

The owners are renting month-to-month in the meantime and it’s a great time to scoop up merchandise for 10-70% off. There’s also a See Jane Run store in Oakland on College Ave.

See Jane Run is one of many local shops to face rising rents in the last 12 months including Video WaveCradle of the Sun, In-House, Common Scents and Noe Valley Music (now a nail salon).


kitchen bitch said...

That really sucks for Noe Valley. Although as a man I never shopped at this store I thought it was a great addition to Noe Valley. You would think the landlord would realize what a solid tenant SJR has been and do everything in their power to keep them as a tenant. Sad day when I moved from SF but overtime I read about what is happening in the place I used to call home and realize SF is no longer the home I fell in love with.

Anonymous said...

See Jane Run also closed their other store in Danville.

Anonymous said...

Where is the disconnect? Shop locally or watch stores continue to close! Yesterday I ran into a friend who said she just bought a bunch of work out clothes and shoes on line. I asked if she had gone to the See Jane Run sale, she said no. I then asked if she knew they were closing, she was surprised, and said she had no idea, and then expressed a great deal of sadness about all the stores closing and how Noe Valley is getting too many financial services, nail salons etc etc.... I don't get it. where is the disconnect, It's clear, shop locally, and not just for the holidays, or watch more of our retail stores close.

Robert Blaylock said...

This is no longer the case. SJR just signed a 6 month extention at their current place. After that, who knows,but it's safe for now

Dani Sheehan-Meyer said...

As a local shop owner I am constantly amazed by the prevailing opinion that we should support local business, however that notion exists in a reality than does not extend just to the Farmer's Market. We understand the convenience of online vs in-house. But consider the fun you are missing of touching, feeling and participating in 'retail therapy'. Referring to all our shops on 24th street, our staff are well trained and we really care that you buy what fits- be it your body, your budget or a special gift. How can we better send a message BEFORE you see the Lost Our Lease, Moving or Closed signs in the windows of Buying Local and Shopping Small business?

Dani Sheehan-Meyer
Cliche' Noe Gifts + Home