June 12, 2015

Rumors Of A New Parklet On 24th St

Here's a fun bit of info we received recently: the owners of the building housing Patxis Pizza have informed residents that Patxi's will be applying for a parklet permit "soon." Can't imagine the auto repair shop or realtor on either side will care, but this looks like a nice place to park oneself and enjoy a froyo or slice.

There's no guarantee it will pass, though. A little history: in the aftermath of a failed campaign for a Plaza on Noe St culminating in a...uh...disappointing community meeting, SF City Planners proposed and approved two trial parklets on 24th St in 2010. They were deemed a huge success, and they're still in front of Martha's and Just For Fun. You can see a map of all parklets in San Francisco here.

The application deadline for new parklets was May 31st, and a decision is expected July 10. Patxi's rumored parklet doesn't show on the map.

Meanwhile here in Noe Valley, parking has always trumped street life for the merchant association. No word if they support this parklet, or if there will be a battle this time around.

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Anonymous said...

The owners of the building that houses Patxis Pizza should have applied for permits to park their pizza delivery cars in front of their restaurant (loading zone) instead of hogging the handicapped parking and it's adjacent blue loading area next to it across the street in the city owned parking lot (as well as all the other illegal parking spots they take on 24th St).

Anonymous said...

FYI, Patxi's on Irving Street near 9th Avenue has been rude and dismissive of its resident neighbors for several years, allowing its delivery drivers to leave their cars double parked on 10th Avenue for lengthy periods of time, as well as parked in driveways of nearby neighbors. Despite complaints to Pztxi's management, the practices continued. The drivers began removing their roof top Patxi's signs in a failed effort to conceal who the drivers of the cars were.

Patxi's has now applied for a Parklet on Irving to extend their restaurant out onto the street, and take two parking spots, needed for all the merchants on the block.

Many nearby neighbors object.