March 31, 2015

Closed: Lite for Life

After a 30+ year run at 1300 Sanchez at the corner of 26th St, Lite for Life, the weight loss clinic and diet food supply store, is slimming down for good. The storefront is mostly empty and a Craigslist ad reports that the business is closing. Many items are for sale and everything must go by 3/31.

The company's Twitter and Pinterest accounts have been deleted, its website and Facebook pages have no relevant info, and for now no one is answering emails. There isn't even a sign in the window. Had to be a hard decision to close, but so far we don't why.

Outside the building, the Lite for Life signs are gone and painters are at work on the fa├žade. Is the building going up for sale? Time will tell.

Given that even bigger weight loss firms like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers are doing badly (thanks to Web apps) it’s not a huge surprise to see Lite for Life go, but 30+ years is a good run.

Bonus: this is your chance to buy “Pieces of fake fat - for weight loss motivation.” See Craigslist ad above.


Jan Tryfy said...

This is great news. Corner properties are perfect for luxury condos. My name isn't Droubi or Coldwell Banker, but I'll bet I could find some lovely young corporate-bus-riding couples to buy here.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully a new restaurant will go in. I think what this neighborhood needs is a newer, fresh, modern place to get stuff like salads, wraps, salad wraps and quesadillas. But, on the other hand, what about the parking?

Anonymous said...

Annon said..."But what about the parking?"

Is it possible that people could come into this neighborhood without bringing a ton of metal with them? The J Church is one block away and the 48 and 35 busses just a few blocks. Or walk???

Anonymous said...

Good. At least that disgusting pile of fake fat is gone from their window.