January 22, 2015

RIP Greg of 24th Street

We were sad to hear about the passing of Greg Gutknecht earlier this week, the affable and talkative gentleman who had become a fixture on 24th Street and around Noe Valley. Greg had been homeless for 10 years, picked up work at the Farmer's Market, frequently did odd jobs for area merchants, and as one local put it “was just a sweetheart.” He had a place to call home the last couple years and had been doing well.

Greg collapsed in front of Bernie's coffee shop on Monday morning. According to the staff in Bernie’s, EMTs worked for more than 30 minutes but were unable to revive him. 

There are flowers and notes in front of Bernie’s from those who miss him. We’d like to post more details about Greg. If anyone has stories of his life and/or photos please email us, post in the comments or tweet us @noevalleysf.

Update: There will be a memorial potluck for Greg this Sunday the 25th at Valley Tavern at 3PM.


Anonymous said...

Every time I saw Greg on 24th, he called out, "Have a great day!" I will miss his cheerfulness.

Unknown said...

Greg was the "Mayor" of Noe Valley. Always cheerful and sweet. He kept the streets clean. He could spot me 2 blocks away...always with a cheerful hello. I tried to always help him out. We don't live in SF anymore and I'm saddened to hear of his loss.I hope his family knows that he was cherished in Noe Valley. RIP...love Dan and Evelyn Radowicz of Western MA

CharleyZ said...

Greg was a sweetheart. RIP.