December 20, 2014

This Week In Noe Valley: More Package Thieves Caught on Camera, Real Reindeer, And Other Holiday Mischief

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[Photo: Reindeer in front of Just for Fun via han_cholo23]


Anonymous said...

RE: Package thieves
We have a gate at the foot of the stairs so packages can't be left unless someone buzzes UPS, FedEx or OnTrack in. If no one is in the building UPS and FedEx will leave a note when the next delivery attempt will be made. OnTrack is a different story though so beware. They will leave it on the sidewalk in front of the building and did so twice - resulting in the deliveries (from Amazon) being stolen. I was credited both times by Amazon but OnTrack is a sloppy delivery service.

Anonymous said...

So wait, the guy with the Jeep (obviously) didn't pony up for comprehensive insurance coverage, and now he wants people to chip in $12,000 for a new car so he can commute to work in the city and visit his friends?

At least panhandlers look you in the eye.

Anonymous said...

Today my husband and I were driving on diamond street toward 28th. We seen a man walking away with packages/boxes and my husband said whats he doing with all those packages. We slowly made a uturn and followed him. He was doubled parked 1/2 block away. To us that was suspicious. So We continued to follow him and I took pictures of the vehicle. Since we didn't actually see anyone stealing packages off doorways ect, didn't call the police and make a report. But if anyone who lives around 28th and Diamond is missing packages this person may have been the one. I have photos of vehicle and license plate if needed.

Anonymous said...

To the 9:11pm poster:
Rather than limit your information and photos to the limited audience of this blog, please go ahead and share your information with the police.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Jeep guy falls for the new begging culture to solve his own problems.

Let the masses fund my new vehicle. To hell with insurance.

To hell with personal responsibility.