October 1, 2014

New Healthy Corner Market Gets A Name: Bom Dia

The new corner market that's set to replace the former St. Paul's Market on Sanchez has a name and a launch date: It will be called Bom Dia (good morning in Portuguese - here's how to pronounce it) and is slated to open November 2014. The poster in the window promises beer, wine, coffee, grocery, deli, staples, local, international, organic and delicious. What's not to like? Locals are also asked to "Please send product recommendations to community@bomdiamarket.com." Also, they're hiring.

Construction inside is underway and there's been substantial progress in the last few weeks. Here's hoping it's open in time for last minute ingredient runs on Thanksgiving.

Read the full interview with the founder here.


Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous name.

Ross Viator said...

^^^ What a ridiculous comment. The entire California central valley has a massive population of people of Portuguese (specifically Azorean) descent. Your comment makes you sound both xenophobic and ignorant. But I suppose wishing someone like you a "good day" would fall on deaf ears.

I look forward to checking out this market when it opens. Boa sorte (good luck)!

- Ross

Anonymous said...

Any shop that can so easily be nicknamed bom diggity is good in my book. Excited for it!