July 24, 2014

New Mural on Outer Church by Local Artist Amos Goldbaum

The building at the corner of Church and Day (now the home of Cardio-Tone and before that Kohler-Jones) is in the process of getting a mural painted by local artist Amos Goldbaum. A native of Bernal Heights, Goldbaum's style is hand-drawn images of iconic, local, and historic San Francisco landmarks. The finished mural will cover the entire building wall and feature lots of recognizable local touches (similar to what you'll find on the designs on his shirts). Here's a shot of the artist at work today:

Longtime Noe Valley residents will remember another funkier rainbow mural that used to be on the building when it was occupied by Mikeytom Market. That mural was called "Make Love" and was the work of Castro Street resident Brad Mossman (before it was a mural it was a street-level billboard which explains the smaller format of Mossman's mural).

A neighbor who spoke to the artist told us Goldbaum expects the mural to be done in about 2 weeks or less. Check it out while it's being created and you can meet the artist. Or you can follow the progress on Goldbaum's Instagram feed and on Twitter.

It already looks great and should be a gorgeous addition to the area.

[Photos: top images NVSF, bottom image a screenshot from B. Mossman's site]