May 4, 2014

Joshua Simon To Close Sooner Than Later

As was first reported in the April Noe Valley Voice Rumors section, Joshua Simon is closing after 35 years on 24th St. The owners decided to retire and listed the business for sale, and the expected closing date was the end of June. But with all inventory now 25% off and rapidly dwindling, the (teary) staff said they will likely close in the next few weeks if not sooner.

Joshua Simon was featured briefly in Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City (along with other local merchants) and first broadcast 21 years ago. The Joshua Simon awning looked almost exactly then as it does today ... end of an era.

Here's the Tales of the City clip - skip to 2:48 for the setup and scene featuring Christmas on 24th St:


Anonymous said...

Jeez.... dropping like flies. And when the chains overtake, then go out of business because shoppers "can just buy it online" what'll we be left with? A Real Foods scenario? There goes the village feel that the new arrivals seem to love to look at but aren't that committed to $$-wise.

Unknown said...

Joshua Simon will be open until the end of July and will still be getting new merchandise until then. Everything in the store is 30%-60% Off