April 10, 2014

Closing: Global Exchange Fair Trade

Citing rising rents and a desire to protect the artisans they support, Global Exchange announced this week that they will close this spring:
We have been in business at our San Francisco Noe Valley location (4018 24th Street) since 1989, constantly adjusting our footing in a changing marketplace. We are not immune to the forces changing the face of our San Francisco community, and the most recent wave of rent increases have also affected us, and we are taking action so that it does not affect our artisan partners around the world.
We want you to know your purchasing power: who, where, and how your purchases affect real change. We want you to be sure that your purchases go towards supporting economic justice through Fair Trade, NOT towards covering the violently inflated cost of rent in San Francisco.
Global Exchange will continue to operate out of Berkeley, and plans to reopen its online store this fall.

[GEFT: Choosing Fair Trade Over High Rent]
[Photo: Global Exchange]


Anonymous said...

"Violently inflated rent" - that is well said. Best way I've heard it described - it's 'violent' indeed! I'm sad to see another good business close its doors because of this. Thanks for all the great years.