June 22, 2013

This Week in Noe Valley: Local Movie Shoot, A Rush of Condo Sales, And Super-Duper Moon Tonight

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[Photo: Today's Noe Valley Town Square Celebration]


Anonymous said...

"Patxi's Pizza presenting money skimmed off employee healthcare coverage to Supervisor Scott Weiner and Noe Valley Town Square."

Todd David said...

Nothing like telling half a story and hiding behind anonymity.

Patxi's informed the City it was not complying with the Health Care Law.

From the Jan 13th SF Gate article. . .
""When we discovered that our health care plan did not comply with the San Francisco law and that we were collecting more in surcharges than we were paying for employee health care, we knew we needed to take immediate steps to make things right," said Patxi's chief executive officer, William Freeman. "I hope other restaurants will step up and participate in Dennis Herrera's efforts to meaningfully address this issue."

More from the article, "Patxi's Chicago Pizza has agreed to spend $320,000 to settle a complaint from San Francisco officials that the restaurant chain did not follow the city's groundbreaking and controversial health care law, shortchanging employees in the process.

Under the settlement agreement, announced Sunday by City Attorney Dennis Herrera, Patxi's will increase by about $100,000 the amount it spends on employee health care this year."


Patxi's is an amazing company the gives back to its communities and the public schools. When it discovered it was not complying with the health care law, it volunteered the info to the city and worked with the City Attorney to resolve the situation.

Of course, one should never let the facts get in the way of a good story, especially when one can say half truths anonymously.

Todd David

Tom said...

Thank you, Todd. And congratulations on the Town Square. Can't wait to fulfill our pledge! (and use the square, too.)

Anonymous said...

you are 100% wrong about patxis. my wife worked there during the time they were skimming money and her co-worker brought it up many times to the other employees and owners, with specific citing of instances, only to be told to shut up by the owner. that is what happened. anything else is patxis trying to get good press.

Anonymous said...

it's really disturbing to me if people are thinking patxi's did the right thing here. we are still getting payouts from them because of money stolen from my wife.

Anonymous said...

I admit being confused by Anonymous and his comment that Paxti's stole money from his wife. It wasn't her money. If some health care benefit was denied her that she was entitled to during the time she worked there, then you should explain that or better yet, take it up with Paxti's directly. Paxti's did not fully comply with the "only in SF" law for health care for workers but they are now. To say that something was stolen from your wife and is now being given back to Noe Valley in the form of a community donation is ludicrous.