March 20, 2013

Crime Beat

Information is from Mission and Ingleside District San Francisco Police Station newsletters.
March 14

-- 11:01pm, 27th/Sanchez. Ingleside Officers McMilton, Peregrina, and Brown were dispatched to a report of a robbery. The victim told the officers she had just exited a Muni bus and was walking home when an unknown man ran up and grabbed her computer bag containing her cell phone and other items. She said she struggled with the robber for several seconds before he escaped and ran away Northbound on Sanchez Street. The victim said, after the robbery, she ran several blocks and was unsuccessful in getting several citizens to call police on her behalf. She finally saw Officer Brown at Mission and Cortland who took her back to the scene of the robbery.
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Anonymous said...

No help? That doesn't ring common here.

Anonymous said...

Sad story and feel sorry for the victim, but trying to figure out how the pieces fit together. Mission and Cortland is about 1 mile south of 27th/Cesar Chavez. And if she was chasing the perp north on Sanchez, did she then turn around and head back south (towards home perhaps?). But if home is to the south, why get off the muni a mile before getting closer to home.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry no one helped her; but not suprised. My son was jumped on 28th street 2 years ago and people turned on their lights and looked out their windows; but NO ONE helped or called the police. I think Noe Valley used to be a community that would help; but not anymore. We have far too many people that are only concerned about themselves; very sad.

Anonymous said...

The victim must have been on the 24 Muni and gotten off at 27th and Noe, then walked down to Sanchez. But there is a missing piece as to why she did that if her destination was Bernal. Anyway, sorry to hear about the incident. We live close to that location and certainly would have helped if we were aware of the problem.

Laney said...
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Noe Valley, SF said...

@ Laney - you're welcome to re-post your flame bait if you clean up the language.