September 24, 2012

Moving: Heliotrope

After a 2+ year run at 1515 Church St, a sign in the window of Heliotrope announces that the store is taking it's eco-friendly and natural skincare products to a new location at 806 Valencia St in November. The reason for the move? Not the ADA lawsuits that have troubled so many local small businesses. The owners are hoping instead for a location with "more foot traffic."

The shop is still open for now - and even once it moves, you can still get Heliotrope lotions and soaps at Loft on 24th St.

806 Valencia at 19th (starting Nov 2012)


Anonymous said...

Copyeditor here.

It's is a contraction for it is or it has.

Its is a possessive pronoun -- the neuter version of his and her.

Some examples:
It's nice to know that Heliotrope has found a new home.
It's been great having the store in Noe Valley.
Hopefully, the shop will thrive in its new location.

Anonymous said...

^^ Feel better?