June 14, 2011

Found: Beehive

A reader alerted us to a box full of bees on top of a ladder that may or may not be protecting the neighboring tree from dogs:
Someone has placed a box of bees (yes bees) on the corner of 29th and Dolores. It seems to be acting as a makeshift hive, which I assume is its purpose. Is it some kind of beekeeper's experiment or test? Is this sponsored by some city organization? Are we now a sanctuary city for bees?
Is your apiary missing its queen bee? Could be living in a cardboard box on Dolores...


Queenbee_941 said...

Enjoy spring and nature in Noe Valley - thanks to our cool gardeners planting to attract honeybees, bumblebees and butterflies. It all counts: vegtable gardens, flowers, window boxes, deck pots , landscaped islands in the street, and fences of roses and jasmine.

I'm a local beekeper (16yrs) and in the NVV photo is an example of one way to catch a swarm - the beekeeper has placed a box as close to the swarm as possible. In order to attract the swarm into the box the In this state the bees are not agressive.