August 5, 2010

Video Shilling: "Trust Your Agent"

Not one, but two Noe Valley "neighborhood guide" videos showed up in our email this morning. The first is from Zephyr, and is one of 28 videos they've packaged to highlight San Francisco neighborhoods. Too much to pick apart line-by-line, but we can't get over the total disconnect between what the narrator says and what is on screen.

The second is from Vanguard by way of SFGate. Actor/Salesman/Handyman Buzz Leer implores you to "trust your agent" (in this case Amanda Jones). Better yet -- take his other advice and "do your homework."


Anonymous said...

Um...when your focusing on Noe Valley you should be showing images of Noe Valley and Noe Valley only. Stockton Street is no where near Noe Valley. (in the Vanguard video)

Christopher said...

Agreed with the last comments! I was excited to check out this video about Noe Valley but come on....?! this is advertising for a very expensive property. I have nothing against advertising. Just please state that this is a paid ad so we know what is what SF gate! Thank You.