May 7, 2010

Crime Beat: Stolen 2003 Acura RSX

Hello Fellow Noe Valleyers,

Last night, 06 May, at around 9:20 p.m., someone entered our three-floor apartment building on 29th Street between Dolores and Church Streets. They went into our garage, while we were home, took two bikes, and stole our car, closing the automatic garage door behind them. We heard the tires squeal as they pulled out of the garage, and ran downstairs to see what was going on. We discovered an empty garage, and our car speeding west on 29th toward Church Street.

The car is a black, 2003 Acura RSX with a California Arts Council vanity license plate, "F6X." There's a picture of the license plate attached. Our frustration is compounded by the fact that the night before, 05 May, the building was broken into, and two of my neighbors' bikes were stolen. I want to get the story out to as many of our Noe neighbors as possible so that we can look out for each other.

In the meantime, if you see this car around, please send me a message on Twitter: @F6x or give me a call at 650.605.3696. Until then, please take care of yourselves, and keep an eye out for each other; we're Noe Valley, after all.




murphstahoe said...

Go to twitter and please RT @F6x note.

Stephen said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

A couple of questions:

How did they get into a locked garage door that is operated with an electric lift?

How did they start your car without keys?

I'm asking that, because I live nearby, have a garage with an automatic opener also.

But at nite, I always lock the automatic opener and I always keep my car locked at nite in my garage.

Stephen R. Fox said...

After talking with the police, our current theory is this:

The theives pick-pocketed a set of keys out of a back pack, followed us home, and used our keys to get in and start the car.

Please be mindful on MUNI, especially the full ones.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? I'm sorry for your loss, but this sounds fishy.

Car in a garage with an auto door. That easy to get in and steal?

That easy to get your keys?


-ellen. said...

I witnessed when my mother in law had her wallet stolen on Muni from her zipped purse she was holding in front of her. Full car, guy pushing by acting like he was trying to get through to get off at the stop...wallet gone. And she did everything "right"
And if someone HAS stolen your keys, it must be easy to get in the garage and steal your car, no?

Anonymous said...

Read the story again, honey. I'm not buying it.

They have a "theory"?

Didn't they notice anyone following them home?

How can you not hear an automatic garage door start to move? they are noisy.

I live near them but this is fishy.

Jer said...

I'm Stephen's upstairs neighbor, and it was my wife's and my bicycles that were stolen the day before.

"How can you not hear an automatic garage door start to move? they are noisy."

They did hear the garage door start to move. That's why they ran downstairs to see the car speeding off.

"I live near them but this is fishy."

It's totally fishy. The thieves broke into our garage while people were home on two successive nights. That takes serious balls. The people who did this were not concerned with getting caught. Be safe out there people.

murphstahoe said...

Jer - can you email me at tahoe at - I have some ideas to help (don't want to post the playbook here).



Anonymous said...

I 100% believe in the possibility of the keys being stolen on muni. If you take the J regularly during rush hour, you'll notice the same riders almost every day. It wouldn't be difficult for someone to mark a victim, follow him home, evaluate the worth of his belongings and then steal his keys at the next opportunity on the bus. I'm sure I am not the first person who has taken their keys out of their backpack or fiddled with them on the bus as my stop approaches, giving an observant thief an indication where I keep my keys/wallet. I've lived in Noe Valley for 12 yrs and have gotten my car broken into once while parked in a secured garage. They didn't take my car, but they took anything and everything that had my name on it. Please, everyone beware and don't let your skepticism about HOW they got into the garage fool you into letting your guard down.

Stephen R. Fox said...

Cops buster her. They said they say the story on TV last night.

She had my girlfriend's keys. The cops have them, and the car, but bikes are gone.

When they tell me more, I'll share it.

Anonymous said...


they "say" the story...?

Anonymous said...

It happened:

Anonymous said...

Hey, the same thing happened to the building I live in, which is in Noe Valley, last November. I was reading this and thought, wait...Someone broke into our garage the night before and just scattered belongings, not taking anything. The next night they came back, opened our garage with a key. Fortunately I heard them pull up and immediately dialed 911 and they were caught red-handed. No one knows where they got the key, because no one has a key in our building. There are 2 sources as to where they may got the key.

Sorry, that you got your car stolen. I am sure that was their intent, but it got interrupted! I wonder if all the crime that is happening is linked together...makes you wonder.

Anonymous said...

Have to love the compassion in Noe Valley. First the person who ticket's the car that blocks their driveway is wrong. Now the victim of a B&E must be making it up. What's next? Stringing up the homeowner who leaves their sidewalk clean, tempting a dog to poop on it? What about the negligent mother pushing her child on the sidewalk daring someone to run into her? Oh yeah, I've seen those as well.

murphstahoe said...

A lot more people were trying to help F6X in whatever little way they could than were being a doubting Thomas here....

Steven Fama said...

Per KTVU news on 5/10, this stolen car has been recovered.

(Recovery of stolen vehicles happens more often than you'd think, I think.)

Carissa said...

FYI - I live at 29th between Sanchez and Church and a few weeks ago our next door neighbor's car was stolen out of her locked garage. The thieves broke in through the front door and took off with her car. I've seen her since driving it around, so I know she has it back, but I don't know if they caught the guys that did it...

Anonymous said...

Our building on 28th street between Sanchez and Church has been broken into a few times, usually items stolen from the garage but once a unit was robbed. It seems to me that there are enough similar events to wonder why SF Police does not believe this is serial?