January 14, 2010

This Week (Today!) At The Planning Commission

A weekly look at Noe Valley projects in front of the Planning Commission. Information is provided by the Planning Commission, and taken from its published agenda. All hearings are on Thursday at 1:30pm, Room 400 in City Hall.

The Planning Department changed their website for the new year and we missed this in the shuffle.

Today's Chronicle describes the plan to remove restrictions on new restaurants on Noe Valley's 24th St rumored in November's Noe Valley Voice. Empty storefronts and a sea change in attitudes about regulation have prompted Bevan Dufty to propose allowing as many restaurants as the neighborhood will support. Here's what's in front of the Planning Commission today:
AMENDMENTS TO THE PLANNING CODE SECTION 728: 24 STREET-NOE VALLEY NCD RESTAURANT DEFINITIONS [BOARD FILE NO. 09-1208]. Ordinance introduced by Supervisor Dufty amending Planning Code Sections 728.1 (Zoning Control Table), 728.42 (full-service restaurants), 728.44 (small self-service restaurants), and 728.69A (specialty food, self-service) to allow new full-service restaurants, small self-service restaurants, and self-service specialty food establishments with a Conditional Use authorization; adopting findings, including environmental findings, Planning Code Section 302 findings, and findings of consistency with the General Plan and the priority policies of Planning Code Section 101.

Preliminary Recommendation: Approval with Conditions
[SFGate: Blocks hungry to fill storefronts with eateries]
[NVV: November 2009 Rumors]
[NVSF: Update: Planning Commission October 23, 2008]


Anonymous said...

Woo Hooo more places to eat in the hood cool!!!

NoeNeedsMoreBusiness said...

About time! Amazing how many of these so-called "progressive" restrictions really only promote the interests of landlords and people with plenty of money.

kitchen bitch said...

I see no problem with it! Isn't the Boulange that just opened up on the corner of Sanchez and 24th a chain place? Maybe not a large one but they are positioning themselves to be one. But who cares they are perfect for Noe Valley. Let's face it NV is a new village and the people in the village are hungry for more. Not looking for McDonalds or another Starbucks but certainly a couple of other cool restaurants. Certainly this will lead to something more than nail salons. I hope everyone can work together on this one it will just make NV a much better place.

Anonymous said...

Great news! La Boulange is doing very well, demonstrating the need for more casual places. We don't need more salons, boutiques, or gift stores (the type of things people usually open as "small, locally owned businesses" these days), and realtors, title companies & the like don't need to be taking up valuable space on the main commercial strip, since they don't rely on foot traffic.

Anonymous said...

I agree. More restaurants please! How about a place that delivers thin crust and fabulous pizza. A new burrito joint would be a big plus too. The current one has been tired for years.

Anonymous said...

Main problem with Boulange is it closes at 8. It contributes little to the night scene (unless you keep stockbroker hours or something). Makes a nifty lunch place, though.

Anonymous said...

Realtors, title companies & the like don't need to be taking up valuable space on the main commercial strip, since they don't rely on foot traffic.

The streets off 24th st. are zoned residential. If they want to be in the neighborhood, they have to be on the street.

But yeah, I'm for more restaurants too.

mulls said...

+1 to new burrito joint, couldn't agree more.

Carol said...

Hey folks, if you support this idea to allow restaurants to come back into Noe Valley, it would help if we let city hall and our supervisor know. Send messages of support to:


Anonymous said...

The title of this post should be changed to "Last Week (Nine Days Ago!) at the Planning Commission."

But if the title were updated, it would mean that someone is actually overseeing this site.

Just saying!

Anonymous said...

The date is posted above the damn article, you moron.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous (1/23 5:50 PM),

It's pretty clear that Anonymous (1/23 12:36 AM) knew when the article was posted. He or she was wryly observing that there had been no new posts to this blog in nine days.

It seems that you are the mouth-breather here.

Anonymous (1/23 7:09 PM)

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, January 23, 2010 12:36 AM

This blog provides a great public service. If you want to see a topic covered, suggest it. But don't be a hater.

And @Anonymous (1/23 7:09 PM) - same to you.