April 9, 2016

This Week in Noe Valley: Eviction Shaming, Not-So-Humble Bragging, and It Really Is Sunnier Here

The latest news from, about and for Noe Valley from around the interwebs:
[Photo: Deck with a view via gloriazhu_]


Steve V said...

When I lived on the east slope of Potrero Hill (Pennsylvania between 20th and 22nd) in the early 70's the nicer weather was very noticeable. In the summer you could watch the fog bank come in over downtown and the Bayview but rarely would it come in over the Hill. It was the only time in the 45+ years I've lived in the City I was successfully able to grow tomatoes, green beans, zucchini and white corn that wasn't puny or wind beaten. It seemed much warmer than the neighborhoods to the west and really like living on an island in the City. Noe Valley and the Mission are sunnier than a lot of other neighborhoods but Noe Valley does get the winds.