August 4, 2010

Stroller Files: Noe Strolls Disappears

From a reader:
Do you happen to know if the Noe Strolls group was recently disbanded? Their web site is inactive and the e-mail addresses I had on file for the group are bouncing back. My wife and I recently moved to the neighborhood and are due next week, and we were hoping to join. Just curious what the story was.
Anyone know? Have the organizers already moved to the 'burbs?


Anonymous said...

Site has been down for years now. But the group continues. Show up at 11 in front of Holy Bagels on Thursday and there are usually a handful of mom's and/or dads ready to do an urban hike with their new kid.

Anonymous said...

did you say Noe Trolls? when I first read the headline that's all I could think of..

yea, they're gone..the plaza people.

Anonymous said...

Um, I think making a thread about strollers into a thread about the plaza is pretty much the definition of trolling.

murphstahoe said...

Plaza? Plaza! PLAZA? I feel like Dave Stohler's dad. Refund? REFUND?

I was walking by the Farmer's Market Saturday and saw Rebecca Prozan. So I stopped to say "Hi!" and Rebecca smiled and said...

"I've figured out your plaza problem! Vicksburg!"


"Vicksburg! Not a through street!"

I looked to my right at the Farmer's Market, which will hopefully become our town square/plaza. I looked 100 yards down the road at Vicksburg Street.

I pointed at the Market and said "I think one will work here just fine. No need to put another one on Vicksburg 100 yards away. Let's get the money".

At which point she guaranteed she'd get the money.

rocky's dad said...

Oh my gosh! am I reading this correct? that one of the pro Noe St. closure people is actually coming around to the better solution after all?

I'm in shock..:)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are reading it correctLY, but not "correct."