March 25, 2017

This Week in Noe Valley: Dead Coyote in Douglass Park, Baron's Quality Meats Opens on Monday

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[Photo: Noe Valley Farmer's Market and mural via @Its_RPW ]


Anonymous said...

The article about parking doesn't say *anything* about commuter shuttles... Careful, your agenda's showing.

Anonymous said...
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Noe Valley, SF said...

"Each day, hordes of commuters flood various neighborhoods, park their cars, then jump onto a bus."

Anonymous said...

1. Not all commuters are tech workers, and not all busses are commuter shuttles (Google or otherwise). You've heard of Muni, right?

For example, the article mentions Dogpatch. As far as I know, there aren't any commuter shuttle stops in Dogpatch - but there is definitely a problem with people parking and taking the T into downtown.

2. The article also discusses parking permit issues. My street in Noe has a big parking problem, but it isn't commuters. It's the fact that the permit zone recently expanded and now it ends about a block away. And I see people parking on my block all the time either "long term" (conveniently disappearing just before the street cleaning days) or just walking a block into their permit zone.

Anonymous said...

"Each day, hordes of commuters flood various neighborhoods, park their cars, then jump onto a bus."

"Tech workers are parking in your neighborhood and catching the "Google" buses [CBS Local]"

2 entirely different subjects. This (commuters - tech or non tech - parking in the neighborhoods) has been going on for years, especially around Muni Metro or BART lines, and one of the major reasons the parking permit program has grown and grown and in many cases block by block (like ours 1 block from 24th St/Noe). Mr McGuire is quoted as saying a permit is close to $200. I just renewed mine - it is $127.

Further exacerbating parking are so many that take up 2 spaces by parking so far back or away from crosswalks and driveways leaving 6 - 8 ft of empty space that only a Smart car can fit into.

Anonymous said...

Um...Since at least 75 percent of "commuters" are indeed "tech workers," they are not two different subjects. In fact, they are entirely the same. You're right that it's been going on for years with Muni, etc. The problem is that with the "commuter shuttles," the amount of commuters has risen exponentially. Hence the issue. Pretty easy math there.

So if you're a resident, you should be ready to pay that $127 because of one reason: there are commuters parking in residential neighborhoods like Noe Valley to catch transportation, which is mostly shuttles i.e. "google busses."

And you are right that parking is sloppy. But most of the influx of workers to our neighborhoods do not originate from dense urban environments, so they don't know "how to park." There should be lessons offered at the learning annex...

Anonymous said...

My point was that the article does not mention "tech" once. The link to it put "tech" in their title.

Do you have a link to statistics that show 75% of the commuters parking in Noe Valley that jump on busses are tech workers? One is not provided by this blog or CBSLocal.

Business owners and their employees parking on our street all day long (north of 24th) was the reason the neighbors decided to be annexed into the S zone. I would think that most of those that work in Noe Valley (along with commuters taking Muni or shuttles) are now parking on the less restricted streets south of 24th.

I was not a fan of paying to park on my own street when the S zone annexation was proposed but daytime parking has become a lot easier since. If Noe neighbors don't want tech (or anyone else) commuters parking on their street they should get the ball rolling to be annexed into the S or Z zones.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I raised this as an issue at one of the SFMTAs meeting when they were deciding where shuttle stops should be a couple years ago. The area around Church/30th had become impossible to park in during weekdays: I saw people parking and catching the shuttle to Apple in the early morning hours. Nothing has changed, of course, since the shuttle stops just moved a couple blocks east. I'm surprised that area is not included in the permit process.