May 22, 2013

More Good News for the Noe Valley Town Square

The Town Square got a thumbs up from the budget and finance committee today prompting Todd David to send out this update (emphasis ours):
Hello Noe Valley Town Square supporters:
I'm thrilled to report that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors' Budget and Finance Committee unanimously (5-0) voted today to recommend to the full Board the legislation authored by Supervisor Wiener to acquire the land that will be the future home of the Noe Valley Town Square. This vote is consistent with the San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission's unanimous vote for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to approve $4,242,500 from the Open Space Acquisition Fund for the purchase and remediation of the Noe Valley Ministry parking lot. (The Noe Valley Ministry would receive $3.9 million and the additional $342,500 would be
used for remediation of the lot that used to be a gas station.) The last hurdle to clear is the vote by the entire Board on June 4th – a 6-person majority plus mayoral approval would make the acquisition a reality!
A huge thank you is in order: We never could have come this far without the steadfast support and legislation of Supervisor Wiener and hundreds of Noe Valley Town Square friends and neighbors who have made financial pledges, written letters of support, and appeared at today’s and the previous Rec and Park hearings. Thank you – it does take a village to create a Town Square! (If you or your friends have not yet donated to the Town Square, now that we’re this close it’s great time to make a pledge! Even with the acquisition, we will still need to raise an additional money to transform the parking lot into our future Town Square.)


Kate said...

There was a nice story on ABC KGO channel 7 this evening as well, though I can't seem to post the link here.