January 14, 2014

Pictures Or It Didn't Happen: Skiing in Noe Valley

“It started as a thoroughly mundane Wednesday afternoon in Noe Valley in 1976. Chuck Cihak was in a garage on hilly Alvarado Street, watching a friend work on a car, when he heard the unusual sound of ice hitting the ground.” So begins Peter Hartlaub’s story of how the 22 year old Noe Valleyan skied from his house on Alvarado to Bud’s Ice Cream on 24th at Castro and into the San Francisco history books. Read the whole story and catch some other great photos here.

Update (1/15): Peter Hartlaub made a video of his interview of Chuck Cihak. Check out The Big Event for more.

[SFGate: Once-in-a-lifetime ski trip in Noe Valley, 1976]
[The Big Event: San Francisco man skied six city blocks during 1976 snowstorm]
[Photo: Lacy Atkins, The Chronicle]