July 21, 2014

Bloody Scene On 24th St

Fast breaking news from 24th St this evening. It started with this tweet at 7:39pm:
Based on the amount of blood in the above picture by Sara Gudernatch we assumed a stabbing or shooting. Close:

The man was subdued with non-lethal rounds by SFPD. More info:

The unidentified man was taken to the hospital. We hope he does well and gets the care he needs. At this time no other information is known, but we're glad no one was the victim of someone else's violence.We'll update as more information is available.

As for the blood in the street?

Noe Valley is quiet again.

Update (7/23):

[Photo: @GuderGoesGreen]


Anonymous said...

this was 24th St at Sanchez (not Noe). Blood all around entire intersection. Man subdued (shot with some sort of gun after cops shouted "drop the knife!") on NW corner. scary as s**T being at that corner with my kid during this

Mervin said...

I'm glad the cops were still able to subdue a very dangerous man with non-lethal rounds. They don't often get enough credit in this city.

Anonymous said...

absolutely ridiculous amount of blood was all over the intersection at 24th and sanchez.